Why Do People Cheat? The Definitely Guide To Weeding Out The Wrong Partner

Being cheated on is probably one of the worst feelings people can feel in a relationship.  I remember finding myself in a very troublesome relationship. The passion was there, but many things went as wrong as they could.  My then-partner ended up hitting up other girls to cheat on me because he thought I was sleeping around with my bros. (dude friends). My bros are…

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The Importance of Understanding When You’re Self Sabotaging

I’ve underestimated the power of mental patterns of self-sabotage. These ungodly patterns of destructive thoughts that just go on and on even when good things are happening in your life.  It seems like these though patterns just want to fuck up with my discernment during these trying times. COVID-19 seems to be doing it’s thing as we patiently wait for an uncertain outcome. Either we…

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How Does Stress Affect Your Health?

Stress… that annoying, overwhelming sensation that tends to get in the way of us pursuing our goals. We all know stress feels physically and psychologically uncomfortable, but exactly how does stress affect or health? In this blog, I’m going to share with you exactly how does stress affect our bodies and our overall health.  Physiological Effects of Stress Increased cortisol production: This is mostly associated with…

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