3 Easy Energy Boosters to Double Your Sexy Time

Looking for energy boosters to double your sexy time?

As a female entrepreneur, I always find myself trying to do my best to keep both my body healthy and my energy levels high enough to get done all of the daily goals that I’ve set up for myself plus some extra energy for sexy time.

I have to pay attention to my menstrual cycle so I can align my energetic efforts with my body to be my most productive self. 

Today, I’m going to show you 3 easy ways to boost your energy. So no matter how busy your life is, you can manage to get more energy throughout the day!

Energy Boosters #1 -Morning-

Have you noticed how terrible your day goes when you don’t have a good sleep? 

You suddenly lost power and have to deal with passing a hot night without proper ventilation. 

You might have had an emergency that took way longer than expected.

Or you might have decided to go out and stayed a little extra time.

Whichever reason, it’s hard to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day with your best foot forward after such events. 

I call it the WA-FEE. 

Make a glass of water the first liquid you drink in the morning. Why WA-FEE? Because instead of drinking coffee first, you’d be drinking water to hydrate your body. 

Here’s how: 

Before you go to bed, set a full 20-ounce glass of water next to your bathroom sink. 

After you wake up, brush your teeth and drink the water!

Why is this effective?

Water hydrates all our systems. In fact, we’re about 3/4 water. Which in turn hydrates our cell, tissue, and organ regeneration. By keeping our blood at the right consistency, we can help deliver oxygen to our muscles, which immediately boosts your energy.

This also benefits your digestion!

Drinking enough water helps keep the enzymes and bacteria in your digestive tract running smoothly and this helps get your bowels moving for better digestion. 

Getting into the habit of eliminating waste first thing in the morning will prevent it from being absorbed into your system throughout the day and give you an instant energy boost. 


Energy Boosters #2 -Noon-

Feel the Freshness!

Many of us live hectic lives often away from the sun indoors whether it’s at home or at work. 

The key here is to clear your mind, focus your breath, and be present with nature; a practice of mindfulness outdoors. 

Leave your fetter phone indoors and walk outside of your home or office building with the intention to clear your mind and absorb clean green energy and sunlight. 

Talk a walk, observe, smell your surroundings and be fully present in the moment. Do this for ten minutes! 

If you cannot leave indoors, then sit by a window and breathe in the outside air. If space has plants, sit by the plants and breathe their clean oxygen emissions. 

People might look at you as if you’re crazy, but you’re doing yourself and everyone around you a favor by recharging your energy and giving your mood a boost!

This is especially good for that special time of the month where hormones can affect our mood. 

Ever heard of Forest Bathing or "Shinrin-Yoku" in Japanese?

It literally means quiet walking among the trees and refers to the boost of energy that we as humans receive from the trees in the form of phytoncides (wood essential oils) which induce relaxation and therefore an energy boost. 

Energy Boosters #3 -Night-

Movement Part-ay!

This one is awesome and it’s designed to give you that last jolt of energy to make it through the night after a long day of work. Ready? 

Think of your favorite song of any kind of music that makes your body want to move. 

Then find it on YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, or whatever music source of your preference you’re using. 

Find a private space where no one’s watching and let the music take over your body.

Plug your headset or earphones and move your body as the music makes you feel. 

Feel the movement, soar with the music. be in the moment and let your body do the expression it desires. 

The trick here is to give yourself permission to LET GO.

Literally, dance like no one is watching!

Do it! Feel the surge of energy through your body. 

In no time, you’ll be happily stacking the dishes with a smile and finishing all your daily duties before bedtime. Ideally, you’d have enough energy to enjoy sexy time with your partner as well 😉

You can download or print the summarized at the end of the blog 👇👇👇 to help keep you accountable! 


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  1. Stephanie at 12:54 pm

    Love these tips! I didn’t realize drinking water right when you get up is beneficial!

    1. Pempi at 1:11 pm

      Oh yeah! It reaaallly is. Personally, I’ve seen a huge increase in my overall energy when I do. I always try to keep my Hydroflask nearby all day to make sure the water is accessible and therefore reducing the excuse of “I need to get up and get water” because I always have the water next to my desk 🙂

  2. Jessica Collazo at 3:53 pm

    These are some great fish for energy boost I like to drink water in the mornings too

    1. Pempi at 5:36 pm

      by that do you mean the Omegas the fish have? Or something else?

  3. Kayla at 4:54 pm

    This is the 2nd article I’ve read in two days that recommended drinking water first thing in the morning. Guess it’s time to add that to my morning routine

    1. Pempi at 5:37 pm

      Oh yeah! It’s a MUST since we’re basically water sacks, haha.

  4. Chelsea at 5:26 pm

    I always skull water when i get up! It helps me get moving for sure! I have tried the nighttime routines also but when I’m tired nothing seems to wake me up 😂

    1. Pempi at 5:38 pm

      hahaha. You’ve gotta figure out what’s your optimal sleep time + night time routine + morning routine combo. XD

      I’ve noticed that if I sleep less than 7:30hrs, I feel dead the next day. lol

  5. Renee at 5:59 pm

    Love this! I got to try the dance party thing

    1. Pempi at 7:51 pm

      Yay! Let me know when you do! It’s truly a game-changer.

    1. Pempi at 7:52 pm

      Thank you <3

  6. Shelley from BeyondPennies.com at 3:35 pm

    Great tips on boosting energy. Being post-40 with 2 toddlers, I can always use more of that.

    1. Pempi at 2:08 pm

      Awesome, Shelley! I’m so glad it’s useful for you!

  7. amayszingblogs at 8:54 am

    These are such great tips and very informative thanks for shaing.

    1. Pempi at 2:08 pm

      Thank you!!! You’re welcome 🙂

  8. Neil Alvin Nicerio at 11:39 pm

    Great article. This is something worth reading. Thanks for sharing. I learned a lot from you again.

    1. Pempi at 2:09 pm

      Thanks, Neil! I’m glad you enjoy my content 🙂

  9. My Spiritual Shenanigans at 2:32 pm

    Girl, I loved all the refreshing lingo you’re using and words you’ve coined, especially WaFee 😀 I don’t drink enough water, sigh.

    I’d love to collaborate with you, I’m a spiritual coach myself and I love to help spread out light together sometime. Do drop me a note if you’re interested! 🙂

    1. Pempi at 8:57 pm

      haha. Thank you!!! Then water is definitely something you can start adding into your daily routine 😀

      Awesome, I’d love to collaborate with you <3 :)

  10. aisasami at 3:08 pm

    What great tips on gaining more energy everyday. I drink water in the morning as I always put a glass near my bed before sleeping.

    1. Pempi at 9:19 pm

      Thank you! Oh, that’s awesome! That’s an amazing habit to have!

  11. Candice at 8:20 pm

    I have learned, even if I am not in the mood and do it, I am always happy I did! My boyfriend and I talk and we are honest when we are going through a little dry spell and committed to making the time. But these other things you suggest are great! Water really does wonders!

    1. Pempi at 9:21 pm

      That’s really amazing, Candice. Communication is of the essence of any successful relationship. I commend you for that. Thanks, yes!!! We are water sacks after all, haha!

    1. Pempi at 9:03 pm

      Thanks, Janay! That’s awesome!!! Keep up it! <3

  12. Lavern Moore at 7:27 pm

    I am never too tired for sex but if I ever feel like I need to I will use these tips as a suggestion.

    1. Pempi at 7:41 pm

      That’s wonderful! You go, you! 🙌

  13. Goldfish and Gin at 11:57 am

    Love these tips! I really wish I would have found your blog a few years back when I was having some serious issues with my own sexual health and finding the energy and want to do things.

    1. Pempi at 4:44 pm

      Oh wow! Thanks! I will keep publishing on both sexual health and general health since I see a huge need for that right now. 😊💖


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