How to Get Unstuck In Life and Move Forward

Sometimes we may think… how to get unstuck in life? Because we’re so used to the same thing over and over again. The truth is, yes you can! You can be stuck in the same patterns for decades, but it is truly possible to get unstuck from your life and begin thriving in a more fulfilling life. 

It’s happened to many of us… I’ve been there. You want to get something done and just get unstuck from a situation and move forward. However, all your attempts fail for some reason. As a certified transformational life coach, I’ve learned a couple things to help you get unstuck life and begin thriving the way we are meant to thrive. 

In order to get unstuck in life, work, or any of the other aspects of life… we must first take a look at how our brains work

We are hardwired to repeat patterns because that’s what our brains know that it can survive. Change, whether it’d be positive or negative, is still unknown to our primal brain (or reptilian brain). Thus, we always feel more comfortable dealing with what we know regardless if it is good or bad for us. The first step is to be self-aware of this pattern. 

In order to get unstuck, you must work to transform yourself to the person you wish to be. 

Here are the five easy steps on how to get unstuck in life, transform yourself, and move forward:

1. Step Back and Take Radical Accountability…

Getting unstuck may seem like climbing a slippery slope uphill where each step you take slides you 5 steps back. Progress seems almost impossible and you just lose the motivation and the drive to continue. 


As painful as taking radical accountability might be, it is the key to getting unstuck in life and begin building a path towards what you truly want.

 Accept the fact that you’re there due to your own actions. We make choices, and our choices build up our lives. 

 Now, don’t be so cruel to yourself during this realization. Understand that you did the best you could with what you had at the time. Now that you know better, you can begin taking action. 

Accept that even though you’ve kept yourself stuck, you can always rise above that if you make the conscious choice to do so. This is doable AT ANY AGE. It starts and ends with you.


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2. Let Go

In order to get unstuck in life and get the things we want, there are things we’re going to have to let go. I encourage you to journal what comes up for you when you read the following question… 

What might you lose by gaining your goal?

One of the many reasons why we remain stuck in life is because we can’t let go of that comfortable thing that’s keeping us stuck. It doesn’t matter whether those things are good or bad… What matters is that we will no longer have that which in return, triggers our primal brain’s response and we begin to stress out. 

To get to that next level in life and be able to live a happy and fulfilling life, there may be more than one thing that you may have to let go of. Understanding this and facing it, might trigger your fight or flight response. That’s when you know you’re on to something. 

Take a journal or write it out on your iPad. Don’t be afraid to explore that part of yourself. Through this process, you’ll begin to move the needle and begin answering the question “How do I get unstuck in life?”

3. Say Yes to Self

Not only do you need to let go, the third step to transformation is saying yes to yourself. Take some time to journal on this question… “What am I saying yes to?” when I decide to pursue my goal? 

If you’re struggling with weight loss or weight gain, what are you saying yes to when you decide to work on this problem? 

When you’re looking to change jobs and have a more fulfilling life and career, what are you saying yes to? 

When you’re looking to up-level your spirituality, what are you saying yes to?

When you’re looking to up-level and improve your finances what are you saying yes to?

Don’t be afraid to take some time and explore the responses that you’ll come up with when you ask yourself these questions. Pour it all out.

4. Set Up Accountability

In order for you to take action, you’re going to have to set up some sort of accountability. Share your goal with someone you trust and ask them to follow-up with you in X amount of time. This will help you start moving the needle in your life and taking the necessary steps to finally get unstuck and reach that next level in your life.

5. How to Get Unstuck? Take Empowered Action

Once you have set up accountability, the last step is to take empowered action. What will you do to move the needle in your life? Are you stuck because of lack of knowledge or are you stuck because of lack of execution? Figure out exactly what’s holding you back in this regard and build out some attainable action steps to finally get unstuck in your life and hit your life goals. 

If you’d like some extra helps in these areas, feel free to check my Inevitable Success Kit out! This might be just what you need to get to that next level. 

If you’d like more one on one support, book a free discovery call here and let’s see if we’re a good fit to help you achieve your goals. 🙂 

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