13 Tips to Own Your Confidence
Own your uniqueness and skyrocket your confidence with these tips, tricks, and exercises.
Unleash a more confident you!
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"Confidence is a muscle. Practice it daily, and you'll become exactly who you want to be."
Stephanie Ortiz (Pempi)
eCommerce Marketer & Transformational Life & Health Coach
This 9-page workbook is designed to help you up-level your confidence so you can consistently and confidently execute towards your dreams.

It's filled with 13 exercises to help you become the person you want to be!

This is no magic solution, you HAVE to do the work, but in doing so, you'll see the transformation happen in your life.
Topics Included:
About The Author
Stephanie is a certified Empowered Wellbeing Coach from the Health Coach Institute.

She mixed her 6 years of executive marketing experience alongside transformational health coaching to help entrepreneurs master their health so they can grow their business without sacrificing their wellness.

You can find her writing blogs on her website or sharing cat lady content, marketing notes, life & health tips on social media.
Stephanie Ortiz (Pempi)
Empowered Wellbeing Coach
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