Journaling Ideas That Will Make You Feel Better

Journaling Ideas That Will Make You Feel Better

Writing in a journal encourages mindfulness and assists in maintaining perspective while being present. Learn some journaling ideas below.

The journal is one of those items that can either be one of your most priceless possessions or as useless as a piece of trash. Everything depends on what you write in that journal. I’m going to give you some journaling tips today. 

You can use them all, combine your favorites, or choose the one journal idea that best fits your current situation in life. In either case, regular journaling almost always results in brand-new insights and ideas that can unquestionably change your life.

I’ve used all of the journaling techniques listed below at some point in my life. To get through difficult times, to accomplish my goals, to keep my sanity, or to encourage my creative endeavors (like fleshing out topic ideas for articles).

Journaling Ideas #1: Write Your Goals

When you first get out of bed, write your goals in my journal. By writing down your goals in a journal, you can be reminded of your current priorities. As a result, you’ll discover that some goals you rewrite become more specific, while others change or are entirely forgotten.

  • Open a new page in your journal every morning before you start your day, and list your top 10-15 objectives.
  • Wake up the following morning and carry out the same action without considering the previous day.
  • Wake up, rewrite your goals, and don’t look back at the last day for 30 days

You’ll see your goals become more apparent, change, or even change entirely. This is advantageous because it lets you focus on what you truly desire.

Journaling Ideas #2: Daily Log (This Won't Get Old)

In journal writing, you write about your daily activities in the daily log, including what you did, what you ate, and who you spoke to and saw. Whichever you desire, it’s a practical way to keep track of your life. The best thing about keeping a journal is that it gives you a physical record of your day’s activities.

  • Get a journal that you can carry around with you quickly.
  • Keep a running log of everything that happens to you throughout the day.
  • You can jot things down, make drawings, or record them as in-depth notes.

The key is to keep the guidelines loose enough so that you’ll follow them because this is something you’ll need to do every day.

Journaling Ideas #3: What Are You Grateful For?

You can be as specific or thorough as you like in your daily journaling. If you want, you can even continue the list. However, make sure to list at least three items.

Although you can do gratitude journaling at any time of day, I’d suggest doing it first thing in the morning before starting your workday.

Why? Sincere gratitude causes a ripple effect of optimism throughout the rest of your day, enabling you to approach your job, your clients, your family, and everyone else you come into contact with positivity.

  • Open your journal.
  • List three things for which you are grateful.
  • Making a list in the morning is optional (but highly advised).

Additionally, if you already keep a journal, planner, or to-do list, you can reserve some blank space on one of those pages to list the three things you have to be thankful for. This way, you can refer to it as you cross items off your daily list.

Journaling Ideas #4: Got Problems to Solve? Journal it Out

Do you need to relocate to a larger home? Should you leave your position? What do you want out of life? These are some examples of life challenges that I have previously journaled about and resolved.

Because our brains tend to exaggerate problems, making them appear larger than they are, journaling about your problems is a great idea. However, we tend to downplay our issues when we write them down.

  • Open a new page in your journal whenever you are faced with a challenge of any kind, and write out your issue as a question at the top of the page.
  • Make a list of potential fixes at this point. Or, to assist you in deciding what to do about the issue, start a Pros and Cons list.

Don’t worry about being organized here; this is only for your eyes unless you decide otherwise. The goals are to find a solution to your issue and clarify what you want.

Journaling Ideas #5: Journal Your Stress Away

Usually, when we are anxious about something, it’s because our thoughts are disorganized or because we’re incredibly irate. Or perhaps it’s because there is currently too much on our plates to do or think about.

It might not completely relieve the stress, but it’s better than taking Prozac to mask it. Uncovering the underlying causes of your focus is made possible by journaling about the things that stress you out.

This is something that drugs can never do. To taste the fruits, we must first address the roots, just like any other significant life challenge.

  • Grab your journal and turn to a new page whenever you feel stressed.
  • Start by outlining everything that is causing you stress, tension, or anxiety. During your journaling session, it can be helpful to ponder and respond to the following questions:
    • What is causing my stress?
    • Why am I experiencing this?
    • What actions can I take to reduce my stress?
  • This exercise has no time limits or page targets; you can write for however long you like and use however many pages you want.

Making you feel as though you’re “getting it all out“—as if you were calling an old friend to rant about something you’re upset about—is the goal here. Consider it similar to venting to a friend but inside your journal. Note everything down. Release all of it.

Maybe you’re wondering if I do all these journaling ideas exercises daily. No, is the answer. It is entirely up to you to choose what you choose to do. However, if you have never kept a journal before, my advice is to choose just one item from the list, give it a try, and then move on to the next. 

After trying them all out, you can decide which ones to keep in the mix and which ones you could do without.


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